For B2b

Does your business sell B2B? We have a solution. We feature 2- 6 businesses on each mailing. Ideally, these businesses team up based on an overlapping customer base. We have multiple layout options that are customized for each group. Every mailing will be sent to a specific area and specific types of businesses, so distribution volume will vary based  on specific demographic requirements.

We also offer restaurant mailings!

We can also create custom takeout menus for restaurants and by utilizing innovative design we can fit advertisements on these menus. This creates a win-win for both the restaurant and the advertisers. So if you are a restaurant owner, why not reach out and see if we can help find some advertisers to put on your menu.

This is a great way for both advertisers and restaurants to get their name out in the local community. We will custom design the menu, with space for up to 10 advertisers per menu in order to create a win-win situation. The restaurant gets their menu out and your company is on a piece that customers are likely to hold on to!

For more information about this custom program, please give us a call and we will take it from there!

Contact us now to start creating your B2B custom mailing.