How it Works

how it works

Share a Mailer is based on a simple concept: by sharing a direct mail piece the cost of reaching thousands of potential customers goes down. A marketing opportunity that otherwise would be out of reach for many small business owners now become a feasible marketing tool.

The power of direct mail is probably the most undervalued marketing tool today!

By eliminating competition in the pieces, you can rest assured that your business will be the only representation of your specific industry. So, for example, if you are an Italian restaurant or pizza shop, there will be no other pizza shops on the mailing.

A dedicated audience will see your advertisement!

The piece will have up to 22 advertisers, with half of the pieces being sent featuring you on the on the outside of the piece and on the inside for the other half. With over 15,000 pieces being sent out, your advertisement will be seen by at least 7,500 people by simply pulling it out of their mailbox.

With no envelope to open, your ad is seen immediately!

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